Franz Polzhofer Lino T Table
  • Franz Polzhofer Lino T Table
The Lino T by HUSSL - a table which has formal and real size. The top, which is made from an aluminium honeycomb composite, is exceptionally resistant to bending and stable - which is why it's available in lengths of up to 3 m. Both the upper section and the side edges are coated with desktop linoleum and do not have any visible contact points, meaning it is a monolithic table top with a break-free surface. The free and self-supporting top is held in place by a frame which is made of polished and colour-free varnished steel. The dimensions of the top and the practicality of the materials give the table its all-round pure impression and lend its legs a visually light and floating look. A well designed table with a pure and sophisticated look by Franz Polzhofer and HUSSL.

Franz Polzhofer