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The process of researching and developing the potentials of coach hide in relation to its material, aesthetical and mechanical features proceeds towards a wider expansion of the "mesh" concept actualized in the "Loom" proposal.

The technical and visual texture of coach hide is no longer enclosed by a frame. Instead, it opens on two sides, enabling the surface to extend vertically and cover much wider areas than its original surface area.

The result is a two-dimensional development aimed at obtaining veritable walls of a significant size, fastened to the room's walls and ceiling, and tensioned on the sides with tie rods and cables.

The visual effect is that of large wings that interact with the environment they are placed in through an ambivalent symbiosis of opposites, masses and voids, separation and relation, screen and filter, strong conditioning and unobtrusive lightness.

The technology employed in such projects as Loom includes the high-frequency cutting of the coach hide. The finishing is achieved by means of classic handcrafting methods that are typical of Matteograssi's long manufacturing tradition.


Cover: coach hide mesh
Partition structure: base for floor/ceiling fastening of aluminium grey painted steel, tie rods on the sides of stainless steel, with satin nickel-finished trims

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