Franco Albini Tre Pezzi Armchair
  • Franco Albini Tre Pezzi Armchair
  • Franco Albini Tre Pezzi Armchair
It is a design that dates back to 1959. Today, half a century later, as Cassina presents a tasteful re-release of the piece for the Cassina I Maestri collection, it continues to express an incisive modernity.

Designed by Franco Albini with Franca Helg, his regular collaborator since 1952, the Tre Pezzi armchair offers an extremely modern re-interpretation of the classic bergère from which it takes its shape. Franco Albini proves his focus on analytical rigour and progressive formal simplification through an intensely expressive design.

Compositional elements are highlighted with extreme clarity, in an explosive and striking vision: a deep seat, a ring-shaped backrest creating a perfect semicircle and half-moon headrest, with sharp geometry clearly defining each element. Spacious, padded and cosy, these components blend formal minimalism with a sensation of absolute comfort. Its shape is characterized by deliberately detached components, embodying a sculpture that unites aesthetics and functionality.

The metal tubular frame traces a striking visual symbol of lateral curvature: a reference to the handrails designed for the Milan Subway as part of the installation, graphic and signage project that Franco Albini lead in 1962, along with Franca Helg and Antonio Piva and in collaboration with Bob Noorda.

From a work of analytical decomposition comes Tre Pezzi, an armchair of great visual presence. Cassina offers Tre Pezzi in the original version with red fabric upholstery and a black tubular frame and also in new variations upholstered in leather or woven fabric with chromium-plated tubular frames.

cm 74 x cm 75 x h. cm 93

Franco Albini