Franco Albini Canapo Rocking Chair
  • Franco Albini Canapo Rocking Chair
  • Franco Albini Canapo Rocking Chair
  • Franco Albini Canapo Rocking Chair
Franco Albini was known as the architect of unstable equilibrium and his poetic approach to design is being revived in all its authenticity thanks to the original creation of one of his most significant projects: the Canapo rocking chair, produced exclusively by Cassina thanks to an attentive process of philological research and analysis, Cassina thus contributes a new and interesting element to the research carried out on one of the most eclectic and representative figures of 20th century Italy. Architect, urban planner and designer, Franco Albini was the first Italian to become part of the “Cassina I Maestri” collection in 2008.

The project dates back to 1945 and thanks to Cassina’s faithful reproduction, retains its topicality and expressive power by respecting the philosophy and spirit of the original concept. The drawings of the Canapo rocking chair, stored in the archives of the Fondazione Franco Albini, were the subject of detailed analysis and study. This methodological approach is one that Cassina has followed for every single piece in the “Cassina I Maestri” collection, seeking out original documents and prototypes and liaising with the heirs of the designers and their official foundations.

Canapo fully expresses the quest for balance in Franco Albini’s work. The analytical decomposition of the object, one of the designer’s stylistic codes, opens it up perfectly to serial production, in complete harmony with Cassina. The result is a light and airy furnishing solution, an invitation to relax. The curved line dominates the design with emphasis placed on the joining elements. The structure and lateral arches, in natural or stained black ash and mahogany-tinted walnut, demonstrate fully Cassina's mastery of carpentry, highlighting the company’s unparalleled excellence in combining craft traditions with cutting-edge technology.

The supporting fabric in ecru is attached using cords that form a graphic motif along the sides, while the cushion in polyurethane foam, upholstered in leather or fabric, is divided into foldable modules. An authentic piece of design culture, with the inimitable quality, precision and passion of Cassina.

width 620 mm
height 720 mm
length 1630 mm

Franco Albini