Francisco De Almeida Disco Lamp
  • Francisco De Almeida Disco Lamp
Initially called by its creator air-balloon (balão) and re-baptized few months later by the public Frisbee (disco voador), the Disco lamp is the result of a combination of several concepts: lightness, retractibility, timelessness, fun and ecology.

Craft made in the AZP Design workshop by a skilled team and supervised by a master craftsman, this lamp is designed with materials and techniques which have a very weak impact on environment.

Adapted on the wood arch "Nuala", created in 1990 by Reno Bonzon and Ligia Migues, the lamp seems to float in space.

Available models
Ceiling lamp - 3 sizes : 50cm, 65cm, or 85cm
Nuala wood base available separately.

Ceiling : genuine Washi - Steel
Base : wood of Cedro - wood of Jatoba

Small model : (height) 25cm x (diameter) 50cm
Medium model : (height) 25cm x (diameter) 65cm
Large model : (height) 25cm x (diameter) 85cm

Nuala base : (h) 230cm x (w) 170cm x (t) 20cm

Francisco de Almeida