Form us with love Yupik Portable Lamp
  • Form us with love Yupik Portable Lamp
  • Form us with love Yupik Portable Lamp
Designed by the eclectic studio Form Us With Love in Stockholm, Yupik is a portable lamp. While its shape recalls the classic electric torch, its function is decidedly more wide-ranging and versatile. Fitted with 5 metres of cable, it can in fact be used as a torch, but also placed on a table or on the ground, positioned with the light source pointing upwards or laid on one side to illuminate a wall. It can even be hung up, thanks to a hook around which the cable can be twisted to form a loop. Yupik is made from polypropylene foam, a sturdy, resistant yet very light material. It consists of closed-cell beads that incorporate a lot of air and therefore weigh less in proportion to their volume.

These characteristics mean it is used as a transport and protecting material. It was deliberately chosen for this portable lamp that had to be lightweight but also sturdy to resist knocks and falls. Given the important characteristics of the material used, the designers decided on a very basic shape which as a whole highlights its function as a portable lamp. The clear polycarbonate diffuser, in concentric circles, recalls the typical diffusers on car headlights.

Diameter 210 mm
Height 200 mm

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