For Use Y Chair
  • For Use Y Chair
Wooden structure of variable transactions with armrests reminds on a traditional typology. The diagonal bars inside the frames of the armrests improve the static of the construction, resulting in an idiosyncratic form of characteristic Y structures at the rear side.

The main wooden bars have a torsion to morph from one transaction into another, resulting in a smooth and light wooden construction. The structure is made of varnished solid beech or oak wood. The cushion is made of foam covered and upholstered moulded plywood shell.

"We wanted to make a really stable chair construction by adding a diagonal bar to the armrest. A triangle shape always improves the static as it also did for this chair.

This was the main principle of the concept. So the form evolved from the basic idea of applying a Y-shaped back leg. On the other hand we knew that the massive wood chair with armrests is a conservative typology, which classical Danish designers, especially Wegner, developed to perfection.

The first prototype was a bit old-fashioned and unsophisticated so we produced several subsequent models of Styrofoam, changing the profiles and introducing the form torsion, morphing the profile from one connection to another. The result was a very elaborate form which had to be slightly pacified due to its high production price.

But Patrizia Moroso succeeded in finding the right company to develop the chair. In the end we are very pleased with the chair which is at the same time simple and complex, conservative and progressive, and not less important, formally coherent and harmonic from all sides."

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