Finn Juhl The Wall Sofa
  • Finn Juhl The Wall Sofa
  • Finn Juhl The Wall Sofa
"The Wall sofa" was originally designed in 1950 for the Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim  probably the most well-known room in the museum  which Finn Juhl was asked to furnish by the Norwegian art historian T. Krohn-Hansen.

The upholstered sofa is inspired by modern art, such as Henry Moore, Hans Arp, Erik Thommesen and Picasso, in which Finn Juhl was very interested. The sofa has lacquered steel legs and the upholstery is handmade. It is fastened to the wall and only a very few pieces have been made.

Onecollection has re-launched this in connection with furnishing the AA Design Museum, Korea.

Finn Juhl

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