Filippo Pisan N°1 Garden Houses
  • Filippo Pisan N°1 Garden Houses
  • Filippo Pisan N°1 Garden Houses
  • Filippo Pisan N°1 Garden Houses
  • Filippo Pisan N°1 Garden Houses
A new way to consider the classical cottage-box room for outdoors thanks to the careful conceptual restyling and to the characteristics of the constructive materials, undisputed protagonists along with the minimal design. Therefore not only functionality, but also aesthetical agreeability for Cottage n°1, project in which the external shell in cor-ten steel meets natural fir wooden sides.

Cottage n°1 allows the resolution of various situations, changing functionality in comparison to the user’s demands: hut or locker room for the bathing establishments, mini-garage for bicycles and scooters, niche thinking-room to find the concentration privately, micro workshop to contain the utensils for the ones who love the bricolage etc. Constituted by two cor-ten steel plates united by a joint on the roof, Cottage n¡1, thanks to the De Castelli mistral wisdom in the workmanship of the iron and the steel, can be realized with customized dimensions which amplify its use. Cottage n°1 is equipped with an automatic illumination system which turns on with the door opening and it is provided with an optimal inside airing system, thanks to the upturned floor composed by wooden staves and to the small holes drawn on the wooden wall.

On demand, there’s the possibility to install photovoltaic panels which make Cottage n¡1 autonomous from the wiring system allowing the installation in any place. Always on request it is available the system of mass to earth too. The project “village” is composed by many Cottages of different forms, dimensions and materials and if they are placed one closed to the each other they form a small village, made adjoining by the inclination of the roofs. A new way to consider the skyline of the open spaces, public or private. Figurative forms followed one each other, empty or open, in wood or in glass: the workshop for the utensils, the winter greenhouse for the plants, the roofing for the bicycles etc. Different and customized solutions that satisfy all the necessities and go along with the buyer imagination.

Cor-ten, aluminum bronzed maistral, aluminium greenspan lacquered

External size:
200 x 150 x h 240 cm

Filippo Pisan

De Castelli