Fabio Novembre Fleur de Novembre Table
  • Fabio Novembre Fleur de Novembre Table
  • Fabio Novembre Fleur de Novembre Table
"Someone once said that flowers are merely a combination of molecules and that colours are only light frequencies, but... My favourite flower is born suspended between rain and sun with all the colours of the rainbow. My flower is a moment of suspension between heaven and earth, between hands and feet. My flower is born within the walls of a home to bring joy. Someone else said that ‘to do everything, you need a flower'!" (Fabio Novembre, 2009)

When the table becomes an objet d'art: Fleur de Novembre plays with the Kartell leitmotif - transparency, color and plastic - brought together to breathe life into an industrial product with all the semblance of a one-off.

The Fleur de Novembre polycarbonate table owes its distinctiveness to the single central leg made up of 6 sinuous and elegant "petals" of multi-coloured polycarbonate which rise to support the round transparent polycarbonate tabletop. The six parts forming the leg are available in different colours and make Fleur de Novembre a striking table full of poetry and lightness which immediately becomes the focus of attention wherever it is placed.

Diameter 1200 mm
height 720 mm

Fabio Novembre