Ernesto Gismondi Metaponto Lamp
  • Ernesto Gismondi Metaponto Lamp
Kit Metamorfosi in adjustable spotlight configuration. It is possible to connect in series more fittings with the same modalities of Metamorfosi Kit outdoor. Sources: 230 V halogen lamps. Materials: Extruded aluminium, cast aluminium. Fixing: With support bracket.

Accessories: Remote control. Standard repeater for series connector. Plus repeater with timer function for automatic switch on/off. For the set up to operate in synchronised mode, the following equipment is necessary: 1 repeater distribution board with remote control receiver (standard or plus with timer function); two or more “metamorfosi” kits for synchronised mode (max. 120 pieces); telephone connection cables (max. 70 m length) for the synchronised signal with RJ11- 4/4 (cables not included); 1 remote control. Luminaires with 3 spotlight complete with QT 18 halogen lamps; a distribution board for regulating the three lights equipped with a special receiver for the repeater.

Ernesto Gismondi