Erik Mollers Tegnestue Warehouse Pendant Lamp
  • Erik Mollers Tegnestue Warehouse Pendant Lamp
- Designed for Udenrigsministeriet (The State Department), Copenhagen - High architectural adaptability - Creates sparkling illumination - Anti-glare ring shields the lamp from direct view - Majority of light is directed downward

Warehouse Pendant creates sparkling lighting. The position and height of the anti-glare ring aid in covering the filament in an incandescent light source, preventing glare. The major part of the light is directed downwards.

Finish: White, powder coated.

Warehouse Pendant was designed for Udenrigsministeriet (The State Department) in Copenhagen. The building is an old warehouse called Eigtved’s Warehouse that dates back to 18th century. Like many older buildings dating back in time it consists of rooms with low ceiling heights. The architect then saw a need for designing a small pendant with a warm glowing light to fit into this environment.

Erik Møllers Tegnestue A/S

Louis Poulsen