Emmanuel Dietrich Alster Chair
  • Emmanuel Dietrich Alster Chair
  • Emmanuel Dietrich Alster Chair
At first glance, Alster seems evocative of the Fifties and the Danish design of this period. However, using this as a starting point the designer has actually aimed for a 'retro-futuristic' look, where the assimilation of the past only serves to help us better envision the forms of tomorrow.

Therefore, despite offering an amusing slant on the styling figures of the Fifties (pivoting chromed base, bicolour covering reminiscent of the furniture or cars of that era), Alster is actually as contemporary as it is possible to be - making use as it does of the latest and most sophisticated foam technology, the most reliable pivoting mechanisms, and the most refined sewing techniques ('saddle-style' twin-needle stitching, overstitching, etc).

Emmanuel Dietrich

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