Emanuela Frattini Magnusson Propeller
  • Emanuela Frattini Magnusson Propeller
  • Emanuela Frattini Magnusson Propeller
Propeller offers a desking solution for training applications that represents a real departure from traditional or typical workstations, providing maximum flexibility, versatility and a modern aesthetic.

Propeller training tables can gang manage wires; at a moment's notice they can be set up for meetings and configured lengthwise or widthwise. They can be reconfigured yet again as desks with shelves, and with screens mounted for privacy, modesty, study and more.

Easy to use, reconfigure, and manage power and data wiring.

Unique leg design consists of an "S"-shaped extrusion that makes a metal septum for two separate conduits for power and data wires.

Bridging segments enable various configurations, for ultimate flexibility and ease of use, available in varying sizes, including 30", 60", 90" and 120".

Series also includes column base tables, with either a round or square top, or a flip-top table with C-legs and T-legs, or rectangular folding tables (available with a dolly).
All connections are tool-free and can be configured by user.
Pre-wired legs are the standard option.
Tables can be ganged with combination of casters and glides.

IIDA Apex Design Award, 1994
IDSA Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award, 1995
Honorable Mention, ID Award Design Review, 1995

Legs available in five options: standard training table leg, C-leg, T-leg, folding leg and flip-top leg
Choice of five top shapes: rectangular, bullet, square, semi-circular or trapezoid

Propeller's versatility is also exemplified by its wide range of finishes, including top finishes in colored laminate, wood grain laminate and veneer
Edge finishes include veneer, molded edge and 3mm flat edge finishes
Leg grommet finishes also available

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson

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