Eero Koivisto Ghost Sofa
  • Eero Koivisto Ghost Sofa
  • Eero Koivisto Ghost Sofa
  • Eero Koivisto Ghost Sofa
“I’m both interested and amused by stealth aesthetics, the shape generated by bringing planes together and allowing the computer to transform curves into facets. I wanted to see what happened if you combined a cubistic volume with a more faceted inside. A sofa designed partially using computergeneration technology,” says Eero Koivisto.

The result was GHOST, a sofa that easily lends itself to many rooms thanks to its cubistic lines. Rooms are generally quadrilateral so sofas, which are actually quite large objects, usually look best if they too are rectangular. GHOST combines a modern faceted interior shape with a classic exterior, making it easy to position in the most varying environments. GHOST is available as a sofa and easy chair, and has been designed to suit both home and public environments.

“Stealth is the term for the kind of military design that focuses on avoiding detection by radar. It is characterised by extensive use of facets in the shape. A technique that makes the object invisible. Like a GHOST. That’s what inspired me to call this furniture series GHOST,” Koivisto concludes.

Easychair and sofa in cold foam with flameproof fibre. Wooden frame with Nozag spring system. Upholstered in fabric or leather.

Ghost armchair
122 x 79 x H 66 cm (seat height 42 cm)

Ghost sofa
244 x 79 x H 66 cm (seat height 42 cm)

Eero Koivisto