Eero Koivisto Flower Stool - Occasional Table
  • Eero Koivisto Flower Stool - Occasional Table
  • Eero Koivisto Flower Stool - Occasional Table
OFFECCT made a decision together with Eero Koivisto after visiting last year's "Salone del Mobile" in Milan to create something new that would stand out from the things that dominated the fair. OFFECCT and Koivisto wanted to create a functional piece of furniture with soft lines that would give a positive feeling and make the user happy. The result is FLOWER, a colourful stool and side-table combined which is being presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2004.

Eero Koivisto has designed inspirational pieces like ORBIT, DOPPIO and DNA for OFFECCT in the past. FLOWER is a natural progression of that work, and the basic idea was to create a colourful multi-purpose piece of furniture that was a stool as well as a surface on which to put your laptop, notebook or cup of coffee.

When FLOWER was developed, Eero had the meeting places of today in mind. More and more meetings take place somewhere other than around a conference table. The new piece stands for a more relaxed and creative approach to the whole meeting environment.

FLOWER is a flexible piece of furniture with a form somewhat similar to a flower-shaped cookie. This makes it compatible with other pieces, opening up endless possibilities to create bigger side-tables or seatings. The user decides on the ultimate look, and that element of constant change keeps it interesting.

FLOWER was originally developed in a plastic material, but OFFECCT felt it was too hard and did not work with the soft lines and form of the piece. Finally they found a material that was used in hospital mattresses. This semi-soft high-tech material worked beautifully, and is also water-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Eero Koivisto