Eero Koivisto Amazonas Table
  • Eero Koivisto Amazonas Table
The Amazonas table series originated when Koivisto saw aerial photographs of the rain forest where the tree crowns created a dense ceiling - many parts forming a whole. He immediately wanted to create a table with the same effect, or, rather, he wanted to create several such tables that could be combined to form a cluster. Amazonas is a small, highly functional table that can be used individually by a bed or several can be combined and placed by a sofa. The tables are sold in sets of three in three different shades of green, and can be arranged so they partly overlap.

The table's five obliquely set legs make it look like something halfway between a sculpture and a table. The concept comes from the tree trunks in the rain forest, which grow in whichever direction there is space. Koivisto says he wants the tables to be both poetic and thought provoking. The fact that Amazonas is the product he is most pleased with right now is not just due to its design:

"When I was creating Amazonas I was thinking a lot about environmental issues. As a designer, one can try to create an environmentally sustainable product that people don't want to throw away. That is why Amazonas is a mono-material - in this case steel - that is 100 per cent recyclable. In addition, some of the money from every table sold will go to a project to save the rain forests."

Table with two table tops in green lacquered metal. One kit consists of 3 tables.

Parts of the proceeds from the Amazonas nesting tables support The Children's Rainforest, preserving rainforests in Central America.

Eero Koivisto