Dual Design Box Sofa
  • Dual Design Box Sofa
  • Dual Design Box Sofa
  • Dual Design Box Sofa
This model - as indicated by its name - is a fun, contemporary, boxy shape. Its cylindrical and stylized feet lighten the design and its geometry makes it beautifully unobtrusive. Its calculated dimensions ensure that this model is suitable for any project, especially for waiting rooms. The Box range includes an armchair and a two-seat or a three-seat sofa.

Solid wooden structure covered with foam.The seat and back structure are fitted with NEA webbing. The inner seat and back are made with high resilience foam. It has satin aluminium legs. It can be upholstered in fabric, leather or synthetic leather. It has a fixed structure; covers are not removable.

Sofa 189:
Width: 189 cm
Depth: 75 cm
Height: 69 cm
Seat width: 164
Set depth: 51
Seat height: 39 cm
Armrest height: 64 cm

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