Driade Lab Ercole E Afrodite Box System
  • Driade Lab Ercole E Afrodite Box System

The company proudly presents the first project designed by Driade Lab, the company’s research centre and creative core. Driade Lab, where talents are moulded, is a group of miscellaneous talents who develop their aesthetic inspiration in an alchemy of languages and sensations, matching culture with design and working closely with the production department. Driade Lab is actively geared to international openness and promotes an exchange of ideas that translates into no-logo products, since they are the result of a shared process. Driade’s creative multiculturalism is a source of exchange, innovation and creativity, and it spawns creations that stand out in the global creative landscape for their utmost originality and innovation, such as Ercole e Afrodite, matt white or glossy black storage units featuring anthropomorphic lines with a powerful visual impact. With its unexpected combination of decorative art and historic language, Driade Lab has designed a low relief with classic sculpted shapes that becomes a precious furnishing item in an eclectic and sophisticated setting. The containers rest on a wooden platform, available in two sizes, and are placed vertically and horizontally; each of them is embellished with a low relief showing fragments of the human body, with an evident nod to the clear-cut lines of classical statues.

Modular combinable box system on a base made of poplar chipboard reinforced with tubular steel inserted inside, with bleached oak or grey painted oak finish.
Structure of the containers in wooden strips, matte lacquering in black or white.
Modules with folding wing or hinged doors.
Modules with pull-out drawers and internal tray.
Front made of high density polyurethane, matte lacquering in white or black.

W. 112 D. 60 H. 111
W. 205 D. 60 H. 111
Indoor use only.

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