Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
  • Donald Chadwick Chadwick Chair
The Chadwick chair is an innovative hybrid seating design that accommodates the changing needs of today's workplace and home office. Knoll research shows that chairs have more purposes in the modern office, moving from the individual workstation to the group work area, demonstrating a shift in workers' needs.

The Chadwick chair addresses those needs with an affordably priced, athletic design that is ideal at a desk, in a conference room or in a training session. Perhaps best of all, Chadwick provides all-inclusive, built-in comfort without the hassle of numerous adjustments through Active Suspension, an energizing and resilient ergonomic support system. With a palette of five colors, including beige, brown, silver, green, and black, the Chadwick chair complements interior and individual preferences.

Drawing upon 30 years experience in designing award-winning furniture, Don Chadwick has created a chair that is refreshingly simple.
Focuses on the features and functionality of a chair for dual use, consolidating the nature of work chairs and conference/training chairs.
Innovative Materials.
Principle components are light.
injection-molded forms that make up the frame, arm and base.
Components' strength optimized by the hollow airshaft that is blown into the parts using a "gas-assist technology" during the injection molding process.
Ships fully assembled.
10-year, multi-shift warranty.

Standard Features
All-inclusive, built-in comfort means that the Chadwick user is unconsciously aware of the support features designed into the chair, yet receives all the benefits .
Active Suspension - including:
Synchronized recline with tilt tension
Resilient suspension seat and back fabric
Forward-tilt (built-in design with no adjustment necessary).
Variable seat depth (built-in design with no adjustment necessary).
Generous Lumbar Curvature.
Flexing Arm Pads.
360-degree swivel.
Upholstery (Available in 5 Chadwick fabric options: Beige, Brown, Silver, Green and Black).
Cal 133 approved.

Optional Adjustments:
Tilt Stop Option (Upright tilt limiter).
Arm Options: adjustable, fixed or armless
Height and width adjustable arms.
Spring loaded armpads.
Optional tall version on adjustable arms.
Optional lumbar when needed (Infinite height adjustment).

Overall Height: 37.5"  42"
Overall Width: 26.5"
Overall Depth: 26"
Seat Width: 19.6"
Adjustable arm width: 18.5"  20.5"

The Chadwick chair is part of the Knoll tradition of attention to materials and details with an emphasis on the overall quality of form and function.
Integrally-colored glass-filled nylon
Chadwick Fabric
100 percent polyester monofilament warp with multifilament fill fibers
Fixed/Adjustable Arm Pads
Urethane armpad with flexible spring steel insert
Fixed/Adjustable Arm Supports
Integrally-colored glass-filled nylon
Integrally-colored glass-filled nylon
Casters and Glides
Integrally-colored nylon
Soft Casters
Integrally-colored thermoplastic urethane-covered nylon
Housing  Aluminum casting and ABS top cover
Components  Steel, rubber and engineered plastics
Seat Height Cylinder
Pneumatic steel tubes containing nitrogen
Neodymium Magnets, Polypropylene Carrier, TPE Pad and Frame
Total Weight
32 lbs.

Donald Chadwick

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