Dodo Arslan Kaleidolight Lamp
  • Dodo Arslan Kaleidolight Lamp
  • Dodo Arslan Kaleidolight Lamp
Transformations, optical illusions and refined creativity. Kaleidolight is a glowing, striking interplay of light, a maze of self-multiplying reflected images without beginning and without end.

Light that reproduces, amplified by itself; light that encircles and creates uniquely suggestive effects. Light that combines the rigour of geometric shapes with the boundless imagination of the designer and the ability of the company to interpret and construct it.

"The idea for Kaleidolight came to me inside an enormous work by Olafur Eliasson, The Antispective Situation. This was a room made of a mirrored steel pyramid that created an incredible interplay of reflections. From the outside visitors could look into the room through a myriad of holes, while inside the reflections created striking "globes" of eyes. My reinterpretation, to create the architecture of Kaleidolight, is based on the proportions of an icosahedron, one of Euclid's Platonic solids, later mentioned in the treatise entitled "De divina Proporzione" (1497, Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan mathematician, engravings of polyhedric figures by Leonardo Da Vinci).

Magic for the eyes and illusion for the mind, Kaleidolight is fashioned on a series of pyramids open on one side with expertly positioned fluorescent light bulbs inside which, thanks to the mirrored glass of the covering and a strategic interplay of joints, multiply their image infinitely.

The collection is on display at Euroluce in three table lamp versions. A ceiling lamp will follow.

Dodo Arslan

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