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  • Dirk Wynants Yeehaa!
The Bronco stools were the very first designs by Dirk Wynants as the perfect solution to comfortably sit around the Qrater campfire dish. Soon after however, the Corral table that symbolizes the Qrater fire dish ‘saw the light’, closely followed by the C’upsidedown pendulum lamp.

The Totem was added, allowing people to safely store 28 Bronco stools in a very compact way. Last but not least, high Bronco bar stools and high Corral tables were added to address bar and hospitality needs. The YeeHaa! family covers all of these products under one name..

You can put your drink perfectly in the middle of the stool. A leather strap relates even more to the saddle and also is the perfect handle to move or carry the stool. Moreover, it protects your drink from tipping over.

Here are soms suggestions of possible colour variations. The material used allows a wide range of different colours. Available on request as from 30 pieces.

The horse saddle shape promotes an active and straight-up seating postion which is good foor your spine. Not a luxury though, Qrater nights can be long...

The high Bronco is available in white, green, brown, red and black. The integrated foot supports are a practical for a barstool of this height. To protect those holes from getting dirty, there is an optional metal insert which can be personalised with a logo or drawing.

Bronco’s triangular shape, which is a result of the designer’s choice for the horse saddle shape, inspired into forming a circle by putting 7 Broncos together (we also thought about that single person). So a fitting table was also created. The lighted Corral table has deliberately been designed as a low table (60 cm). It is meant to be sat around, and not under.
Tthe Bronco – Corral high set of one table and 7 stools is the big sister of the low version. Same functionalities, but easy for use at a bar.

It is possible to use our Corral table as a genuine lighting unit when hung upside down from the ceiling. We therefore appropriately name it C’upsidedown. As is the case with the Corral table, you can use colour filters and transform the standard white C’upsidedown into a very decorative and striking light fixture. Best effects are obtained in dark environments.

For those who wish to store a large amount of Bronco stools we have created the Totem that can safely take 28 Bronco’s at a time. Moreover, with the incorporated lighting unit Bronco Totem is a true eye catcher and acts as an impressive beacon 2,25 m high. A practical solution for bars that need to lock their outside furniture during closing time. Therefore, Totem is fitted with a safety lock.

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