Dirk Wynants Qrater
  • Dirk Wynants Qrater
Bringing people together, allowing them talk, play, enjoy nature, even if it is a cold night. The rest is up to your inspiration: shall we sing a song, tell a story or have some food?

Qrater is a very attractive campfire dish that can be used in the garden and in open spaces. All you need is to light the wood logs and the result is pure magic. Singing a song or telling a story while looking at the constantly changing play of the flames and the fire sparks is a very special experience that has inspired people ever since fire was discovered. It is a very original and heartwarming form of togetherness that sometimes people even refer to as “the television set of the jungle”. Obviously, options like individual grills, blankets, and yes, a sing along cd can also form part of this unique experience of being together around the fire.

The dish itself is made out of weathering steel, which is a special type of weather resistant steel that virtually has the same characteristics as regular steel. weathering steel however, reacts to being put outside by gradually covering itself with a protective layer of rust or “oxyden” also called “platinum layer”. As a result, further erosion due to rain or fire is prevented and the Qrater can be left outside without a problem.

With the optional skewer and grill you can roast a small snack for yourself. Remember that you always need the standard if you wish to use the grill.

The grill can be used as an optional tool for preparing some hot bits. The grill is not meant to be used as a regular barbecue, but as an individual option.

The skewer is inteligently positioned inside the standard for the grill.

A smart system holds your grill in the right position, so it's easy to turn away from the fire when ready or in order to put more food.

Dirk Wynants