Dirk Wynants Koamos
  • Dirk Wynants Koamos
  • Dirk Wynants Koamos
Sitting, eating and relaxing together at the same place in a social atmosphere.

seated: 6 to 9 people can take place, 3 or 4 people can lay down.
contract furniture, bar and restaurant furniture, party furniture.

Kosmos has recently been awarded with an iF- and a FX-award. The core values of Kosmos are: functionality and togetherness.

The round seating unit accommodaties up to 9 people, the leatherette cushions offer you outstanding seating comfort.

With one simple move you lower the tabletop to seating height. With the extra cushion into place, you obtain a perfectly flat surface. The perfect place for seven people to lounge.

Kosmos Parasol
Enjoying the shade in a balanced and relaxing environment.
It opens and closes as a fan offering several advantages:
- very straightforward to open and close
- can be installed at a limited height creating a more intimate atmosphere and more shadow
- no technical components obstruct the view

Dirk Wynants