Dirk Wynants Dollypop
  • Dirk Wynants Dollypop
  • Dirk Wynants Dollypop
Ever since DollyPop was launched, the sheepskin bottle cover has been a huge success. People are surprised by the application we gave to this natural material. Because the sheepskin is covered with fur (or hiar) it is a nautral insulator, your pre-cooled bottles remain cooler longer. Mother nature provided sheep with an insulating fur so we thought when it is good for nature, it is good for extremis.

Dollypop is for use with white wine and champagne bottles and fits on most bottles. Unfortunately, some champagne bottles will not fit as dollypop is limited in size to make sure it fits the most popular bottles.

At first instance, we offered dollypop together with two seating pads. The complete set is called ‘dolly’ and is made out of one sheepskin. Dolly is a beautiful option for our glossy picnik versions. After cutting two seating pads out of 1 sheep skin, the leftover is used to make this bottle insulator we named "dollypop". That is why dolly is offered as a complete set.

Dirk Wynants