Dirk Wynants Behive
  • Dirk Wynants Behive
Providing superior seating and leaning comfort for up to 12 people. The two integrated lighting units make the BeHive a piece of furniture you do not want to leave once you are seated.
The concept is based on a tightly stretched fabric suspended about 60 cm above the ground. You can either lie, sit or lean against the very comfortable side cushions.

The springs all around the fabric ensure that it automatically adapts to the shape of your body, thus offering maximum seating or lounging comfort.

In the centre of the hive, the fabric is attached to the table base offering equal comfort to everyone regardless of the number of people inside the BeHive. The fabric’s surface is also stable enough to walk effortlessly to one of its four exits.

Thanks to its large diameter, BeHive furthermore provides enough space for everyone to lie down comfortably. Although this exceeds its recommended capacity, BeHive has already been used by more than 20 people at the same time. It is just too inviting.
Users can also take place at the Corral table in the middle. The hole in the middle of the seating fabric allows a straight seating position.

BeHive actually combines many types of seating furniture in one, and needs no extra lighting after sunset.

The fabric covered dome transforms BeHive into a hive for like-minded souls. We haven’t yet found a solution to one problem though: if you invite friends over who used to stay late before, you will never get them home now...
Anyway: BeHive is yet a fantastic ‘tool for togetherness’ and has a huge potential to give you wonderful and relaxing nights.

Available curtains:
- Fringe curtains (white), 8 pieces needed for complete BeHive
- Net curtains (white transparant); 16 pieces needed for complete BeHive

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