design-people aps Pagoda Led Lamp
  • design-people aps Pagoda Led Lamp
Key features
* No glare when passing by * unique combination of bollard and seat * moulded in one process * strong and vandal resistant * elegant and simplistic idiom * elegant and striking site light * extremely suitable for repetitive use/application * architecturally widely applicable * unique design

The LED light source is placed in the bottom of the ”fixture” and the uplight is reflected softly and diffused by the white inside. The top of the inside is designed as a reflector which directs the uplight partly to the sides, partly downwards. The ground around the fixture is lit up evenly on both sides.

Pagoda was designed by Design-people aps 2005 as an add-on for a buried uplighter. In the new LED-version, Pagoda has now become independent and leads its own life, but the idea behind the product is still to create an urban light with more than one application. Pagoda is inspired by bollards, but is also suitable as a part of the street furniture as it works very well also as a seat.

design-people aps

Louis Poulsen