Denis Santachiara Bellaforza! Table
  • Denis Santachiara Bellaforza! Table
  • Denis Santachiara Bellaforza! Table
BELLAFORZA! is an atypical table, deliberately figurative, inspired by the art works and master pieces of Italian “futuristi” (like Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà and Fortunato Depero among the others), thought in continuity and consistency with Gufram’s nonconformist approach. The opposite legs that support the table face opposite horizons,but are part of the same system - of the same cultural matrix; one could not exist without the other - and the impalpable tension between them marks an immovable stand still, and yet a dialogue between the parts.

The directions between opposite poles remain bound together - virtually frozen in a growing and revolutionary resistance. In this way the legs grow out of the functional limit of the horizon - represented by the glass - and are transformed into deconstructed vases: anthropomorphic industrial trunks - children of the machine. Two complements which are an integral part of the project, but that can live their own life in the dining-room, serving the function of - as applicable - a centre piece, a fruit bowl, or a vase that can be placed somewhere else to hold wonderful flowers of hope or precious mementos from the past.

280 x 95 x 75 cm.

Denis Santachiara