Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda Cornice Lamp
  • Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda Cornice Lamp
Cornice is a technical and elegant wall lamp that gives indirect light. Its design was born out of a research making parallels between the light and architectural forms. It is realised and based on a moulding section, the fragment of the typical frames used in classic constructions: it is a modern archaeology, a natural presence, and yet it looks slightly surreal in a domestic environment. This lamp is made of die cast aluminium, polished, chromed and painted. Its aesthetic characteristics, the use of halogen or fl uorescent sources of light, and the extreme ease with which it is installed, make it the perfect lamp for a various environments. It comes in two sizes, and with a chrome, white, or silver finish.

High temperature varnish polished and painted, or chromed die-cast aluminium body with a pressed steel galvanised wall fitting. The halogen version has a pirex sanded protection glass, the fluorescent version has a transparent polycarbonate dustproof cover.

Dante Donegani
Giovanni Lauda