Dan Borgen Haslov Waterfront Lamp
  • Dan Borgen Haslov Waterfront Lamp
- Designed for a harbor in Denmark - Absolute non-glare - creates optimal diffused light on water surfaces - Creates distinct symmetrical pattern on the ground - Suitable for public areas, due to rugged construction

Waterfront is characterized by its diffuse light distribution. The light emitted is glare-free and distributed downwards to create a symmetrical pattern on the ground. Waterfront’s rugged construction makes it suitable for use in public areas.

Aluminium coloured with textured surface or graphite with textured surface, powder coated.

Story behind the product
Waterfront was designed for Kaløvig harbor for yachts, just outside of Denmark’s 2nd largest city Århus. The designer Dan B. Hasløv is a very keen yachtsman himself and he had always been annoyed with what he saw as too much light on the harbor fronts. His starting point was a sketch of a typical Danish boat bridge, which normally is held by large wooden poles. Dan B. Hasløv saw the possibility for placing a fixture head onto the poles.

Due to the weather conditions along the seaside, the fixture head naturally had to be very solid. The head also had to be closed, in order to fulfill the requirements from the Danish authorities, not emitting any glare. The light coming from the Waterfront is directed downwards and is non-glaring. It therefore provides the yachtsmen, and women, with a perfect diffused light on the surface of the water, which makes it very easy to navigate into any harbor with Waterfronts.

Later on a solid pole corresponding to the design of the fixture head was developed, and the Waterfront became a part of the standard product range.

Dan Borgen Haslov

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