CuldeSac Loop Wall Light
  • CuldeSac Loop Wall Light
  • CuldeSac Loop Wall Light
  • CuldeSac Loop Wall Light
  • CuldeSac Loop Wall Light
LOOP is a wall light design which is the result of a meeting of two worlds.
Its greatest quality: a magical light which manages to outshine its own mounting. CuldeSac, the designers behind LOOP, have been able to make innovation the key, a space to be shared by two apparently unrelated companies, VIBIA and SWAROVSKI, to find a meeting place between the two of them. They did this by creating a piece of superb technical quality and a visual expression and light which summons up a new kind of interior lighting effect. Its friendly, natural shapes make it possible to experiment with different compositions using the effect of the shadows projected on the wall, which seem to spring straight from the very core of this lamp. A play of light which connects directly with our senses.

An impeccable technical solution which combines the use of Crystal Fabric by SWAROVSKI with a design in white-coated aluminium which is visually flexible but nevertheless retains its own intrinsic consistency. The light source, 2 highly energy-efficient LEDs, is so much a part of the piece that not only does it not dazzle, but the shadows it throws, along with its concealed hanging fitting, give the impression of a "light entity". Its countless possible positions and combinations enable professional interior designers to produce a highly personal proposal using LOOP. As it is not set into the wall, it is easy to install, giving it a high degree of flexibility in how it is fitted into each type of setting. Vibia proves once more with LOOP that innovation is in its DNA.

This is a flexible membrane which is completely covered by a mass of minute round cut crystals (there are about 1 million crystals per square metre). Crystal Fabric is 100% resistant to UV rays and breakage and is extremely light.

VIBIA. SWAROVSKI & CuldeSAC: A meeting point
A triangle, seen as a meeting place created out of the intentions of three companies. The result, a tangible project: LOOP, the fruit of the experience and know-how of each of the three participants. Vibia knew it wanted to produce a solution of genuine, practical use to professional interior designers, while sticking to its criteria of impeccable quality and technical excellence. Swarovski has a strategy of prioritising joint projects with creative partners to display the remarkable qualities of glass as a creative material. CuldeSac absorbs the two companies' experience and know-how to find a meeting point and design a light fitting with a magical lighting effect to create impressions that enrich its setting. Between these three participants they have managed to create a new kind of lighting.

The five components fit together perfectly, making it possible to create anything from a small 30 x 50cm hanging fitting. to a large composition covering more than 10m2, providing hitherto undreamed-of formats for all kinds of settings.