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  • Coen van Ham Faithless
The eccentric and ornate atmosphere of the Catholic religion has always fascinated a great many people. In addition, a new religion has developed with a belief in the global economy and with materialism as the one God. As people continue to search for new forms of spiritual enrichment, space is also created for new types of religious experience, Catholicism and spirituality. This search for new meaning leads to inner reflection. Coen van Ham delved into the tension that exists between the material and the spiritual. The result was a new logo based on the cross.

This logo is based on a reversal. Will you choose the deeper spiritual value or the material value on the surface? Do you believe in God, in yourself, or in the power of the economy? Or perhaps you believe in a material as well as a spiritual world?

Faithless consists of four parts. Each of the parts is covered with a layer of veneer made of the four kinds of wood which, according to tradition, was used to fashion the cross of Jesus Christ.

The front side of the wood surface is fitted with 24 carat gilded brass. The dimensions are based on the sacred numbers 3, 4 and 7: each part measures 140 or 70 x 70 x 34 mm. On top of this, a gilded brass panel is fitted 0.7 mm thick.

According to tradition, most of the cross of Jesus Christ has been recovered. The types of  wood mentioned in this regard include the cedar, the cypress, the olive and the palm. This has led people to conclude that the cross was made four different types of wood.

Vertical beam: Palm wood, ‘Paradise’
Horizontal beam: Cypress, ‘Tree of Life’
Base: Cedar, ‘Solomon’s temple’
Wood for title: Olive, ´the Annointed´

MDF, wood veneer, 24 carat gilded brass
format 210 x 280 x 41 mm, numbered
number made 33
Year 2009

Coen van Ham

COEN! design agency