Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk Smiley Bowl
  • Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk Smiley Bowl
The Eva Solo Smiley bowl won't just enhance the mood in the room, it also lends style to serving snacks and other titbits. The big smiling bowl both looks good and is highly functional. For example, you can use the top of the bowl for empty nutshells when serving pistachios, or wrappers when the bowl's mouth is full of sweets.

Even though the Eva Solo Smiley bowl is perfect for tasty nibbles, only your imagination limits what it can be used for. The bowl is an ideal place to keep small change and receipts, or as a receptacle for the household keys. Or perhaps you think it should only be used as a decorative item?

The Smiley bowl is made of multi-layer laminated glass similar to that used for the Eva Solo vases. The rounded shape of the bowl contrasts beautifully with the hard rectangular lines that characterise many modern homes. The bowl comes in five distinct colours: red, orange, lime, turquoise and black. So whether you prefer matching colours or strong contrasts, there is ample opportunity to produce a smile on the shelves or at the table.

Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk

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