Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk Candelabra
  • Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk Candelabra
Long slender legs, graceful curves and stylish elegance. With the Eva Solo candelabra, for three or four candles, hostesses will be hard put competing for the attention of their guests. The combination of raw, brushed steel and elegant lines beautifully entwined with each other creates a sense of harmony that lifts any well-laid table, immediately giving it a refined and modern look.

The simple design of the candelabra ensures they will match both the family silver and your Italian designer furniture. There is something quite special about these candelabra. They add atmosphere on a well-laid dinner table, on the dresser in the hall or on the window sill.

The candelabra are available in either three-armed or four-armed versions.

Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk

Eva Solo