Claudio Bellini DS 717 Chair
  • Claudio Bellini DS 717 Chair
  • Claudio Bellini DS 717 Chair
  • Claudio Bellini DS 717 Chair
For years now, one of the principal maxims regarding the design of chairs is: "reduce to the max". It is precisely this maximum reduction that governs the works of many of the world's most renowned designers.

The DS-717 chair from Claudio Bellini boasts clean uncluttered lines that express the very epitome of beauty in its purest simplicity. The contours of the seat call to mind the perfection of a sea-shell, while this orientation towards Nature is further accentuated by the arresting structure of the leather.

The chrome-plated legs provide a sublimity of form that underscores the exquisite sweep of the chair as a whole. When you sit on it, you immediately feel a gentle springing that clearly spells out "comfort non plus ultra". Claudio Bellini has an uncanny understanding for the precision mechanics of seating: "It is easier to play Hamlet than to paint a magnolia." And it is also easier to create a comfortable sofa than a chair that both fulfils its prime purpose while also meeting the highest demands for seating comfort.

The DS-717 is available as a dining chair with or without arms and also as a lounge chair.

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