Claudio Bellini CB-chair
  • Claudio Bellini CB-chair
  • Claudio Bellini CB-chair
The CB Chair is a chair designed with the emphasis on technical qualities; whilst maintaining the simplicity of its body and its formal appearance, its structural restraints are ably transformed into distinctive features.

The CB Chair, defined as "multipurpose" by its designer, is uncharacteristically large with a thick body in variable-density Airek® engineering polymer compound. 30% of the internal section is made of recycled material, while the 4-legged structure is in chromium-plated steel.

Claudio Bellini has designed the body of the chair using a structural artifice: the side flaps create the structure without the need for the usual ribbing. The said flaps have been lightened by the presence of opening that enhance and improve the appearance of the body: not an applied decoration but an intrinsic decorative value. The openings are a surprise element that allow light to pass through offering a view right through to the back, thus giving the chair a brighter, more vibrant appearance.

Claudio Bellini

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