Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard Flamingo Lamp
  • Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard Flamingo Lamp
The overriding goal in Flamingo was to create a lamp series with a light, elegant appearance. It was also important to create a series with a characteristic, asymmetrical look. The idea behind the asymmetry was to enhance functionality to spread the light effectively.

Flamingo is characterized by a thin, steel bar frame. The steel is curved into a slim but solid foundation, while the angle of the legs ensures that the light is cast precisely where it is needed. The shade is made of hand-blown, triple-layered, opal glass in a simple design. The shade is focused directly on the light source, so the light spreads effectively despite the lamp's limited size. A depression in the armature housing is also functional, as it dissipates heat and is illuminated itself as an integral design feature.

The hand-blown opal glass shade is placed on a frame of bent, round steel. It spreads light effectively so the lamp ensures direct, adjustable lighting, and contributes to a room's normal, diffuse ambient light.

Christina Halskov
Hanne Dalsgaard