Christian Werner 2002 Sofa
  • Christian Werner 2002 Sofa
  • Christian Werner 2002 Sofa
  • Christian Werner 2002 Sofa
Restrained, flexible, authentic: the new bentwood sofa 2002 expresses the renowned heritage of Thonet in contemporary form.

A slender frame of solid wood wraps around a plump one-piece seat cushion with adaptable back and arm cushions: at Salone del Mobile in Milan Thonet presents a new sofa by German designer Christian Werner which builds a bridge between the company’s classic design heritage and the vitality of its present. Both reduced in form and ideal for today’s residential spaces, the new programme range 2000 is set to take centre stage in any room courtesy of its impressive double bentwood bracket. This piece is eye-catching in any location and when viewed from any angle. The main functional feature, a down-to-the-floor, invitingly padded seat element, offers a high level of relaxed comfort; while the cushions for the backrest and sides can be flexibly combined and allow glimpses of the filigree wooden frame, creating an intriguing contrast.

The generous frame embraces the upholstered elements to the back and sides like a flowing ribbon of wood, lending the two-seater an elegant, lightweight quality. With its paired structural elements, the frame is reminiscent of the legendary Vienna Coffee House Chair - and of two hundred years of the bentwood tradition at Thonet. The flexible arrangement of the larger backrest cushions and the smaller side cushions allows for a variety of comfortable resting positions, enhancing relaxed interaction. When these cushions are removed, the sofa turns into a cosy daybed.

The bentwood sofa 2002 is a reinterpretation of the sofa Thonet-style, offering the perfect place to take a break whether in a private living room or a public lounge area.
Choice is also key to this design. The solid bentwood frame is available either in a stained or lacquered beech, or in an oiled, lacquered or stained ash. The loose cushions are available in two different sizes and can be individually purchased. The upholstery can be chosen from an extensive selection of fabrics, allowing customers to co-create their own personal version of a sofa that is destined to become a lasting favourite.

Christian Werner