Changedesign Planet Light
  • Changedesign Planet Light
  • Changedesign Planet Light
  • Changedesign Planet Light
  • Changedesign Planet Light
Planet is a lighting object with a simple and familiar form that also has completely innovative technology. This product is the result of a partnership between Foscarini and the expertise of Changedesign in processes of in-depth technological research and the performance of materials.

The challenge was to create a textile lamp with a spherical form, which was completely empty and had no internal frame, using special stitching that was not only decorative but was also the supporting structure.

The idea came from a study commissioned by NASA and carried out by Dainese, in partnership with MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology), Boston. It is a study of the high performance "intelligent clothing" worn by astronauts: stitching applied to the surface of the material makes it adhere to the body, stopping it from expanding in the absence of gravity while retaining full freedom of movement. In the field of aerospace this technology was developed to contain, but in Planet it is reinvented to support the volume. The thread, which is treated at high temperature, changes its molecular structure and becomes an exoskeleton.

Available with a white diffuser, Planet embodies various personalities, thanks to the colour varieties of the thread: white for a more discrete, classic style and red for a striking presence that speaks a more contemporary language. Thanks to the special nature of its embroidery the lamp has a double life: when it is turned off, the fine thread weave is barely perceptible but when it is on and backlit it becomes a visible design element.

Planet is available in two sizes and adapts perfectly to both residential and contract settings, creating a suggestive and exciting theatrical effect.

diameter 550 mm, 800 mm
length 2000 mm