Cate and Nelson Antoinette Sofa
  • Cate and Nelson Antoinette Sofa
  • Cate and Nelson Antoinette Sofa
Antoinette is a room divider, sofa and bench all in one. Designers Cate & Nelson wanted to create a new concept in furniture that would blend in well with contemporary architecture’s fondness for open spaces. Antoinette divides rooms with discreet elegance and can be dismantled and stacked “flat” for storage when not needed.

his Cate & Nelson design is inspired by Marie-Antoinette and feminine forms. The corset-like structure is covered with a translucent mesh held in place by a belt around the “waist” of the frame.

The semi-transparent mesh ensures that users are not totally isolated from their surroundings but can still react to and take part in what is happening around them.

Frame and belt of lacquered steel. Quantum mesh. Polyether foam seat pad on wooden frame. Plastic feet.
Black lacquered frame. Black or grey mesh. Belt of lacquered steel; RAL 9010 (pure white), RAL 9005 (jet black), RAL 2008 (bright red orange).

Measurements (mm)
Seat height 480
Overall height 1750
Seat width 1175
Overall width 1325
Seat depth 420
Overall depth 690
Weight, kg 37

Cate & Nelson

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