Carlos Tiscar Origami Armchair
  • Carlos Tiscar Origami Armchair
  • Carlos Tiscar Origami Armchair
  • Carlos Tiscar Origami Armchair
With the launch of Origami OFFECCT deepens its successful collaboration with the Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar. This time the Swedish design company presents classic upholstered furniture with a modern design language. Origami reflects OFFECCT’s vision of contemporary furniture design characterized by Scandinavian simplicity.

The name Origami comes from the Japanese art of folding paper into three- dimensional objects. Just like origami, Tiscar’s easy chair and sofa consist of angular sections with straight lines. However, even though the back support is made up of rectangles, the overall impression is soft. Tiscar has worked with contrasts rather than volumes, and the result is furniture which is sturdy despite its lightweight appearance.

Working closely with OFFECCT’s design department, Tiscar has developed a modern version of a comfortable wing chair In Origami.

"Together with OFFECCT I’ve created furniture that focuses on human values and comfort," he says. "A person can sit comfortably in this chair for a long time. To me, good design is environmentally sound because these objects and furniture tend to have a longer lifespan. As a designer, it is wonderful to be able to work with companies that share this view, and OFFECCT is a role model for its environmental work."

Carlos Tiscar