Camilla Staerk Spine Rug
  • Camilla Staerk Spine Rug
The untamed, the dramatic and the distinguished are the essence behind Spine Rug designed by Camilla Stærk, the fashion designer. With its dramatic print in grey black shades Spine Rug has been designed for all of us who love fashion and design with delectable qualities. The Spine Rug is part of Normann Copenhagen's New Danish Modern collection.

With the launch of Spine Rug it is the first time Camilla Stærk moves into the universe of design for the home, and designs a floor rug. Inspiration comes from her favourite muse, Karen Blixen, and her meeting between Africa and her Danish roots. Accordingly this provides the inspiration behind her spring/summer collection 2009.

Camilla Stærk was so taken by the African inspired prints that she felt prompted to see the print in its full form - enlarged and rectangular. Through doing this, the grey black spine`s print was transformed to the sustaining element in this elegant floor rug, the Spine Rug.

Camilla Stærk

Normann Copenhagen