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Of all Bulo designs, it is probably the M2 that has gone on to become an icon in the truest sense. Several museums have purchased M2 by dint of its revolutionary concept: in 1996, the 1m2 designed by Luc Vincent and the Bulo Design Team, had been a highly innovative furniture piece. Worldwide, architects lauded the M2 on the merit of its shape and function. M2 is an individual workstation that has been reconceived by the BuloDesigners whilst retaining its basic concept: a drawer unit, a base plate and a floating worktop.

Mtoo retains this qualities as well the square metre concept, be it no longer in a square shape, moving along with IT developments and the fact that ultimately the paperless office has proved to be unfeasible. The biggest innovations in place act in response to the new functions and emotions that are expected from the 21st century desk. 'New functions' meaning the M2's individual height adjustment and the various accessories that serve to facilitate filing and sorting. As to the 'new emotions', we are creating an optimum sense of well-being. A carpet by way of a base plate for example allows users to kick off their shoes and work on bare feet, only stimulating their sense of freedom. A vase of flowers or a plant that is nicely integrated helps to reduce stress.

Standard, each Mtoo comes with a cushion for a short power nap. Studies have shown a short siesta enhances efficiency, for the employee as well as for the employer. 'New emotions' also means refined styling in terms of details and materials used. Mtoo is only available in 'timeless white' powder coated MDF and is entirely uni-coloured. This only serves to further underscore the icon quality of the Mtoo, turning the desk into an architectural object. Mtoo places the individual centre stage, reflecting the 'Love your office 'Back to work' philosophy.

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