Brian Rasmussen Slice Lamp
  • Brian Rasmussen Slice Lamp
Hanging lamp with direct light, with a supporting frame made of chromium-plated metal, screens made of bent aluminium and painted in three different colour combinations: white-white, black-white and white-red.

In 2009 Brian Rasmussen designed it for Martinelli Luce starting from the closed geometrical form of the cylinder.

He opens its skin creating some cracks, some slices the internal light comes out from; the same light is, afterwards, reflected on the skin and adorns it.
The lamp breathes. It breathes light.

2062/BI/BI white outer surface - white inner surface
2062/NE/BI black outer surface - white inner surface
2062/BI/RO white outer surface - red inner surface

Brian Rasmussen

martinelli luce