Braun & Maniatis DS 820 Sofa
  • Braun & Maniatis DS 820 Sofa
Clad sumptuously in de Sede's finest NECK leather, the DS-820 is yet further proof of the company's consummate leather-working craftsmanship. It takes no fewer than four to five large hides to cover this remarkable sofa.

A single seam divides the seat and back rest along the centre. The commodious lines of the armrests spring from the ingenious way in which the leather is draped. This exceptional method of cutting and folding is necessary since sewing NECK leather - which can be as much as half a centimetre in thickness - is only possible in certain places. This is yet another reason why only the very finest hides can be used for this striking quality of leather with its warm and supple appeal.

Despite the use of this impressive covering material with its marked pattern of natural creasing, the classically elegant DS-820 retains all the unmistakable seating comfort for which de Sede is famous, making it an absolute delight for sitting, lying and reclining.

Jürgen Braun & Nicolaus Maniatis

de Sede AG