Borek Sipek Euridice Bowl
  • Borek Sipek Euridice Bowl
This prominent goblet, also in terms of its weight (in the decorative arts weight is asset!), is created by assembling long, transparent glass leaves. Realistic and abstract at the same time, abounding with venations and points, as if they were crystallized in the memory.

Euridice is one of those objects that are destined to last in time, to be passed down from father to son, and move from house to house. Borek Sipek has always known about and interpreted the rituality of the decorative arts, not only using precious materials but also giving them a genuine sense of history and high tradition.

An unconscious that is polemic with the world of carelessness, of the "disposable", and of casual choices: definitely. Indeed, let's not forget that the best form of ecology doesn't consist in recycling things, but in preserving them carefully and using them fondly. Because objects designed through cultural sedimentation and constructed by a craftsman's hands have their own secret language that in time we can learn to understand.

Borek Sipek