Bluezone and Ruggero Magrini Dizzy Chair
  • Bluezone and Ruggero Magrini Dizzy Chair
Single-material chair made with lightweight tubular frame in cold-foamed aluminium, fully upholstered with leather.
The back and the seat make the chair soft and comfortable.

Covering finish:

Lightweight because the core is made of aluminium:
Dizzy is an elegant and comfortable chair that meets the highest requirements of resistance and durability for use either in homes or in public places. But what really sets it apart is how lightweight it is, thanks to the aluminium core.

Research and development lie behind the Dizzy chair design. The frame of the chair, made of aluminium tubes, is inserted in a mould for the cold foaming of polyurethane. Compatibly with the rigidity of the leather, this gives it a certain elasticity and substantial comfort. After that, the entire body is upholstered in leather with visible stitching.

Ruggero Magrini