Big-game Sitelamp Lamp
  • Big-game Sitelamp Lamp
  • Big-game Sitelamp Lamp
'Heritage In Progress'

The lamp for building sites is a work of genius: a simple halogen spotlight is fastened to a bent steel tube that serves as a handle. Big-Game's version of it is made of stainless or gold-plated steel and is covered by a fabric lampshade, which gives it a domestic appearance. The formal references of bourgeois furniture meet the temporary beauty of the world of a building site!

For "HERITAGE IN PROGRESS", their first collection presented at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2005, Big-Game are confronting two radically opposed notions: heritage and contemporary lifestyle.

While heritage places the object in the continuum of time, the current consensus regarding speed goes against any kind of continuity. How are we to confront our mobility and so-called "zapping culture" with cultural references passed down to us? Heritage can be the heads of animals we didn't hunt, the tables too heavy to be moved and the centre lights you just can't remove the dust from. Humour and distance are to be found in HERITAGE IN PROGRESS as much as technical and economic realism. The objects displayed are thought out for industrial mass production.

The fruits of this experience are: a coat peg, some trestles, two lamps, three hunting trophies, all depicting the clash between a certain bourgeois culture and the realities of today's way of life.