Big-game Flatpack Carpet
  • Big-game Flatpack Carpet
  • Big-game Flatpack Carpet
'Pack, Sweet Pack'

The Flatpack carpet refers to the most rudimentary way of protecting a floor: a simple sheet of cardboard lain on the ground. In pure hand-tufted wool, its shape reminds of a flattened package. Its straight cut structure and its beige colour are further reminders of the cardboard of which it exploits the graphic qualities.

For this new collection, the three designers confront the worlds of home and industrial packaging. By doing so, they intend to take advantage of the formal and constructive qualities of packaging to create home items.

Though packaging is both disposable and ephemeral, it is linked with various types of use. Cardboard boxes, for instance, are often used as makeshift seats or as floor protections. PACK, SWEET PACK was born from the reinterpretation of this provisional aesthetic.

By borrowing shapes and materials from that field, the members of Big-game show their fascination for the unpretentious beauty of packaging goods.

180 x 250 cm


Galerie Kreo