Big-game Coatrack
  • Big-game Coatrack
  • Big-game Coatrack
'Plus Is More'

The shape of this coat hanger is created by two slits cut in a linear piece of wood. To be lain against the wall.

Solid oak wood

For their 2007 exhibition at the Milan Swiss cultural centre, the three designers from Big-game, Grégoire Jeanmonod (CH), Elric Petit (B) and Augustin Scott de Martinville (F), create the "plus is more" collection. Taking basic elements as starting points, such as a material, a principle or an archetype, Big-game transforms them in a simple way to design functional objects.

The stake of this transformation is to bring a "plus", while keeping the integrity of the original element. The praise of less is therefore diverted. "Less is more" is still a fundamental principle, but with a slight and unexpected contribution. In a sense, Big-game plays with the cliché attached to Swiss design, and its profoundly functionalist image.


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